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Text brushes allow you to add titles over the top of your compositions. Each time you tap on the screen in the composer the next word will be displayed. Hold down to control the duration of the display, when you release the text will fade away. Text quality can be compromised if your display resolution is set too low. Resolution can be edited in the Settings application.
Tapping the text will let you change the current item.
Choose which font you wish to use for the current text item.
This will let you adjust various settings for how your text is displayed.

Use the slider to adjust the display size of the selected text.

Lower the opacity with the slider if you wish to reveal your scene thru the text.
Tapping this icon will let you pick the fill color for the current text item.
Use the add and remove buttons to create a list of text items you wish to use. When adding new text, the settings of the current item will be cloned.