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Splode Lab has lots of features; to help you get going we've created some tutorials that cover the basics.

Allow audio to hear the backing music.

You should take some time and check out the Demo Scenes and Splodes included with the App. Look at the settings we used to get an idea of how things can come together.

Performance Settings

By default we have the set the resolution to our lowest value. If you have a smoking device you might want to crank it up!

Go to the Settings App on your device and select Splode Lab Ex. From here you can adjust resolution, frame rate and toggle anti-aliasing.

Future Updates

Splode Lab is an evolving sandbox. As we add new features or improve old ones there may be slight changes to the way your Scenes render. Please make sure and capture your works to preserve them!

How to Create Compositions

The Compose view allows you use the brushes to record, edit and share your scenes.

On the bottom of the display you will find a collection of brushes. Tapping on a brush will allow you to draw with its splode effects.

On the top of the display you have access to standard playback and record controls: stop, play, record. Splode Lab works a bit like a beat loops sequencer. You start a recording and add a layer with your brushes. The sequence will keep looping over and over allowing you to add more layers.

Use the blur control to create a motion blur effect. The higher the value the longer each pixel will stay on the screen after being drawn. 0 clears right away and 1 never clears.

The bloom control (available on newer devices) finds the brightest areas of the screen and adds a glow around them. Setting a threshold of 0 will bloom everything while 1 will render the scene without the effect.

Tap on the name of the current Splode Scene in the center of the header to change its title.

Tapping this icon takes you directly to the Emitter Edit view with your last selected emitter ready to edit.

Make sure you name and snapshot emitters to make it easier to know which one you are editing.

Tapping this icon will hide all controls so you can see all of your creation during playback.
Tapping this icon captures an image of your Splode Scene which will be used as a thumbnail in the collection view.

How to Edit Splodes

Additional options are available from the more (...) menu.
Options to switch scenes or create a new one.
Tapping this icon will give you the option to reset all your Splode Brush movements. All of your visual settings will remain, just the recorded movements will be erased.
Tapping this icon will create a recording of the current scene and allow you to share it with friends or save it locally. When prompted you will need to approve the screen capture for this feature to work.
Choose between Touch or Menu controls for brushes.
View this document or replay the tutorial.

Splode Brushes

Splode Brushes are located along the bottom of the screen. Holding down on a brush will cause it to expand, letting you set its components. Hold down again to collapse the brush.

Expanding a Splode Brush will reveal all three cells. Tapping on a cell will bring up a menu where you can pick a new Splode for that cell, edit the Splode currently in the cell, or clear the cell.

Picking a Splode will bring up the Splode Selection view. Picking a Splode from the Splode Slection view will add it to the brush. Note: when you pick a Splode that is not in the Current Scene, iit will be copied and you will be asked to confirm that you want it in your Current Scene. You can then choose that Splode to be used in the Brush.

Splodes added to the top cell will only draw when you first tap down on the display, not when dragging.

Splodes added to the middle cells will continue adding emitters as you drag across the display.

Splodes added to the bottom cell will only draw when you finish tapping or dragging on the display.

Text Brush

Use this brush to add text sprites to your scene. Each time you tap the next word in your list will be displayed. Hold to keep text visible longer. See the text editor help for more details.


Special thanks: bookwormner, coolbreeze, thou, mantastic, tincan. Some icons sourced from icons8.com